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The EXPLOR Ultimate Fit 2in1 Leash is a comfortable, hard-wearing leash that instantly adapts to the environment during a walk. This leash has a total length of 1.80 meters and so is ideal for a walk in a familiar environment
with a dog you can control. The last 60 cm of this leash has an anti-shock section, which absorbs the shock of unexpected movements from the dog.


The leash can be shortened by disconnecting the anti-shock part so that you have more control in busy traffic. This leaves a short leash with a total length of 1.20 meters for a more controlled walk.


Get out and about with the EXPLOR Ultimate Fit On-The-Road Leash, a comfortable and hard-wearing leash with a seat belt clip. This leash has a total length of 1.30 meters and is therefore extremely suitable for puppies and training as well as when walking in a busy environment. When a dog is transported by car, safety is important. With the seat belt clip that is attached to the EXPLOR Ultimate Fit On-The-Road leash at a length of 75 cm from the dog, you can travel safely. There is a second soft neoprene covered handle on the leash so that the leash can be shortened quickly and your dog brought under control if necessary. 


There are two reflective strips along the entire length of the leash for optimal visibility in traffic.

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